Leno is a Bahamian owned and operated company that entered Corporate Bahamas in July 2010 and since then has been providing financial and investment services to individuals and institutions both locally and internationally.

Leno which means ‘go between’ in Latin, is the concept behind our motto, ‘bridging possibilities’ and it is with this mindset that we strive to be the bridge between our clients and their financial needs.

Our Mission

To strive to be the bridge between clients and their financial needs, while helping them to make their financial dreams possible.

Our Motto: Bridging Possibilities

Our Products and Services

Leno is licensed and regulated by the Securities Commission of the Bahamas holding the following licenses:

  • Financial and Corporate Services
  • Investment Fund Administration
  • Dealing in Securities
  • Arranging deals and Securities
  • Managing in Securities
  • Advising on Securities
  • Investment Fund

Leno is a licensed Broker Dealer on the Bahamas International Securities Exchange (BISX)