• AML Foods Limited AML  + 5.30
  • Bahamas First Holding Limited BFH  + 2.31
  • Bank of Bahamas BOB  + 2.50
  • Cable Bahamas CAB  + 3.30
  • Commonwealth Bank Ltd. CBL  + 2.66
  • Commonwealth Brewery CBB  + 7.90
  • Doctors Hospital DHS  + 10.10
  • Famguard FAM  + 10.75
  • Finco FIN  + 10.00
  • FirstCaribbean CIB  + 13.00
  • Focol FCL  + 3.99
  • Focol Class B Perpetual Preference FCLB  + 1.00
  • J S Johnson JSJ  + 15.50

Individual Retirement Plans

The Leno Individual Retirement Account is a simple to use savings tool that allows you to build the financial stability you will need for your future after the end of your working years.
With a Leno Individual Retirement Account (IRA), you will get a structured but flexible plan to comfortably save for retirement with the portability to ensure that your plan remains with you regardless of career changes.

Leno IRA Plans provide:

  • Segregated assets
  • Multiple investment strategies
  • Timely reporting and information
  • Control of investment strategy
  • Online access


Our Retirement Consultants are available to help you every step of the way. Contact us for more information.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Leno Individual Retirement Account can be started with as little as $50.

Nothing. Leno does not have penalties related to this product and your investment will continue to earn interest in accordance with the investment strategy selected.

The Leno IRA is your personal pension plan making it portable. The plan goes wherever your career takes you in life.

The Leno IRA is client driven with clients having the ultimate control of the contributions they make. In the event of a medical emergency, clients will be allowed to make a withdrawal.

No. Clients can contribute whatever amount they desire.

Upon retirement, the client can select either a lump sum payment or a monthly income stream based on the final value of the client’s retirement plan value.

Yes. However, Leno does not encourage joint retirement accounts given the importance of having a financially stable retirement.

Yes. Clients have the option of changing their beneficiary at any point in time.

Yes. Leno has engaged an independent trustee to ensure the plans integrity and accountability of the service providers.

The Leno Individual Retirement Account offers three (3) investment strategies to select from. Those strategies are: (1) The Conservative, (2) The Balanced, and (3) the Aggressive Strategy. Each strategy has a different risk level and investment objective. The Conservative Investment Strategy is low risk and is designed to provide safe and steady growth. The Balanced Investment Strategy has moderate risk and is designed to benefit from the returns associated with the stock market while buffering any fluctuations that may occur by having a portion of the investments in safe investment like government bonds. The Aggressive Investment Strategy is high risk and is designed to generate returns by investing in the various publicly traded companies pegged for growth within their respective industry and the overall economy.

Clients are allowed to change the investment strategy once per year.

Leno recommends that clients select a strategy that reflects their comfort level as an investor in terms of risk, the time horizon for their investment and their overall objective. One of Leno’s representatives will be happy to guide you during the process.


Individual Retirement Account Fact Sheet

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